What’s a Coop?

What's a COOP?

What’s a COOP?

A co-operative (also known as co-op, cooperative or coop) is an autonomous association of people united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled business


Like Senator Sanders, I’m basically a democratic socialist so this organization will have a flat democratic structure with state level chapters. The Parent Chapter will be CannaProsCoop LLC in Colorado with home base likely in the Denver area.

Phase I CannaProCoop LLC begins with  CannaProsCoop.com, an uncluttered space containing some basic and topical Cannabis and Medical Marijuana information and research results. With the info flow now a glut, I still working on ways to better curate the news of the burgeoning Cannabis industry. In addition to the links and resources listed, I currently have over 2K Cannabis Evernotes collected since 2014. Still working on a more efficient way to manage this massive avalanche of data. Stay tuned

Phase II will provide the opportunity for folks to join the Coop as a patient or bud-tender member in order to access high quality eLearning mLearning and interactive Webinars designed to teach the basics knowledge of cannabis required for patients to help select the best strains, methods of administration and techniques needed to use cannabis in a responsible manner. Currently there are 2 ways to become a Patient member. Wellness Mug

  • If you share a story you will get a CanaProsCoop.com wellness mug and the right to author blog posts in your SME area (2 of 3 are anxiety depression 1 seizures) along with CBD samples. No membership fee for these folks, they will be the core group of collaborators and founder members.
  • No shares will pay a membership fee TBD and get mug, tote or water botle and CBD samples.
  • All members will get
    • Coop pricing on CBDs and other selected legal accessories
    • Free access to Webinars and 50% discounts on eLearning and other Courseware
    • Other benefits TBD
    • Parameters for Bud-Tender membership TBD (will include some producers)

Phase III Will include both RT traveling workshops and ABnB hosting for members with reduced rates at the CannaProsCoop master house, location, beginning in summer 2017.

If you have a story to share or any questions, please complete the contact form below and I’ll get back to soonest.