Seeking Sponsors for Research Projects

Help!!Ed in Denver

After almost 4 years blogging about responsible Cannabis and CBD use, we are now moving to a new level of knowledge and understanding. In order to extend our reach, we are going to a number of regional CBD and Hemp convention type shows. The 1st Nebulizer demo @ CBD Expo Tours 2019 East last month in Orlando went very well. About a dozen folks tried the nebulizer with all having good results. See Here for more details about Orlando.Edward Martino1c

For the Jan Texas Hemp Convention in Dallas we need some more help in order to expand the demo from a booth for the length of the show.

Why our approach is different?

  1. We use only EU organic hemp via full plant extractions
  2. In contrast to isolate based research
  3. We have tested on ourselves, family,and a small client group for over 2 years
  4. The nebulizer technique is our most powerful innovation
  5. The topical pain cream is highest quality with no “filler” ingredients

What we need

We plan to run the nebulizer demo for the length of the TX Hemp Convention show so we expect to share the CBD via nebulizer with several hundred attendees. We are working up our budget, but I already started another Gofundme fundraiser with a $3,000 goal to get us started. For additional research we also intend to follow-up with a portion of the demo folks to collect more data about their results and thoughts.

To help us, you can simply buy a 12 bottle subscription to either our oil or alcohol tincture  pay upfront and accept partial shipments. 

If interested, please send me a DM on twitter to @ermphd and we’ll send you an order form with payment instructions.


Funding Subscriptions

12 Bottles 1 oz. B&E Hemp CBD oil

  1. Retail $1200
  2. Subscription $1000
  3. 2 Bottles/mo. for 6 mo..

12 Bottles 1 oz. B&E Hemp CBD in alcohol

  1. Retail $1000
  2. Subscription $900
  3. 2 Bottles/mo. for 6 mo.