2019-2020 Cannabis Reflections

2018 Farm Bill CBD chemical formula

With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which included deregulation of hemp with THC lt .3%, a new era has begun. As of this writing the FDA comment period was recently extended until January 28. Lots of growers and product producers need the guidance the regulations are designed to bring.

Currently, some states like NY have banned CBD in food and beverages while awaiting the FDA rules. The CBD and hemp markets are chaotic at present. Some rowers report struggling with the lt .3% THD requirement which can make a hemp crop unsuited for easy CBD extraction. The industry is beginning to mature and the new guidelines will keep things moving, assuming no lengthy delays going forward.

Hemp has great potential in the mid-South: Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and neighboring states.This area almost teems CBD/Hemp Trade shows which keep expanding with more local Hemp Events such as The TX Hemp Convention are proliferating around the country at a fast clip. As we move into 2020, the climate for Hemp and CBD (from hemp) looks most promising. Even Conservative Senators like McConnell (R KY) are happy with Hemp in spite of their concerns about Marijuana Legalization.

Marketing Hemp CBD vs. Cannabis with THC

Lets start with marketing hemp derived CBD for its non-intoxicating wellness effects. Well known Cannabis researcher Dr. Julian Russo has recently drawn an important distinction. He considers CBD supplements to be psychoactive but NOT intoxicating. Now many adults who are wary of “getting high” on Cannabis, but need inflammatory pain or anxiety relief have one less concern regarding taking Hemp derived CBD supplements.

Marketing Hemp-derived CBD should include simple educational points that have broad appeal including:

  • Broadly Effective for Pain
  • No High!
  • Few Side Effects
  • No Tolerance
  • No Addiction Liability

Rather than claiming that CBD is a panacea or cure all that will encourage the FDA’s wrath, a simple general statement about CBD as a wellness tool that promotes homeostasis (balance) across our physical systems can suffice. Balance is the key to wellness

Industrial Hemp man hpldoing hempcreete blocks

Many early hemp crops may not be suitable for CBD production due to contaminants that hemp helps remove from the soil. There are potentially 1000s of hemp products that will enter the marketplace in the new few years including: Hempcrete for building materials, Hemp Cloth, and Hemp Paper. Theses disruptors will be marketed in their niches with an appeal to younger millennial consumers seeking a more sustainable economy.

New Products/ Vaping Illness Controversy

For younger Cannabis consumers on the recreational side, Cannabis Concentrates have become popular, but the recent vaping caused lung diseases. After reading and seeing the results of vaping liquid cartridges across the nation, I realized there were a few simple fixes available. Pax2

  1. Only vape CDB or Cannabis flower while we wait for
  2. fuller legalization (with its required testing and certification)

Several years back we purchased a PAX2 for discreet Cannabis use since vaping has little if any flower. I brought the PAX to CBD Expo Tour East last November in Orlando and bought some legal Hemp Flower from several exhibitors. To my pleasant surprise, the CBD flower vaped fairly well except that the PAX needed cleaner about 2X as often as with Cannabis flower.

Bottom line: Best to Vape only flower from a trusted (dispensary) source.

In Sum,

  1. The 2018 Farm Bill opens up the Hemp market which still needs guidance for producers and customers.
  2. Hemp-derived CBD supplements appeal to seniors as a prime demographic and should be marketed focusing on their wellness benefits
  3. For Safer Vaping use dry flower not liquids until legalization catches up
  4. Remember that April 2020, is 4/20 all month!