Responsible Use

Ed’s Criteria for Responsible Cannabis Use

  • No interference with work, school or social relationships
  • Control over dosage and tolerance level
  • Sensible reward scheduling for contingency management

Simply stated if you wake and bake every AM and hang on your couch all day, in the words of Brad Pitt (talking about a down  period of his life) you are probably “smoking too much ganga and nothing else is getting done”. Like the recent Australian Sloth ad campaign, this stereotype is not very common in the real world (Translation: after college graduation).

As part of my research for this post, I reviewed a number of definitions of Responsible Cannabis Use  (RCU). For completeness you can visit the links and see what others have said.

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My preferred definition is more like the one proposed by Dr Wheyl in his book From Chocolate to Morphie

As a Behavioral Psychologist I begin by asking a psychological Q. Is the behavior  appropriate, meaning acceptable in its social context. In current Cannabis Legal states private consumption is both legal and acceptable while public consumption is not legal but sometimes acceptable, e.g. at a smoke in.

It seems to me that the easiest way to define  RCU is to adopt a Libertarian POV. If the action is appropriate, not self-destructive and does not infringe on anyone else’s rights, than it is responsible.

For example:

  • Smoking a J @ trail’s end to celebrate a nice hike seems very cool, while getting blazed in a closed car with others, who for some reason are not smoking, seems irresponsible.
  • Smoking a J as a reward for studying for tomorrows exams is fine, while zoning out on some OG Kush instead of hitting the books is not.
  • Getting lifted to reduce general anxiety seems reasonable, but getting frosted before a job interview or a court appearance is not very responsible
  • Some things are matters of degree. A slight lift:
    • Can help dialog between friends or couples, while a “pass out” party just shows who can consume the most weed
    • Will often assist sports performances, while a full J or Bowl may slow you down too much
    • Can make a relatively simple meal a great taste experience, while too much herb can bring on insane munchies, lol

As one gets further along in your relationship with Cannabis, one point becomes very clear. For many of subtle effects of Cannabis “less is more” Learning how to match dosage and strains to activities is an important part of RCU

In this section and on the related blog posts and podcasts, we”ll be spending time learning to apply some basic principles of learning to the development of the good habits needed to maintain a healthy relationship with Cannabis  for maximum benefit and minimal risk.