Pot and the Pandemic

Since we are now entering the fourth month of the COVID19 Pandemic, now seemed a good time for some reflections. As Dr. JAshton (ABC) recently suggested on GMA3, we can only see the effects of the pandemic through our rear view mirrors.

Now with some states struggling to stay open, let see what we have learned, or tried to learn for the redoux.

Month 1 3/15 4/15

At the beginning of the shutdown, everyone self isolated had a news obsession seeking any shred of positive media. I frankly spent hours in front of one of my devices, looking for hope. Bev and I agreed to take COVID19 very seriously. In early March Bev decided to cancel her SXSW volunteer assignment due to her lingering chest cold. She called the Pandemic spread before they cancelled SXSW and other Austin events   

My personal productivity fell over 50% and I virtually stopped writing while I researched COVID. We watched several briefings while trying to stay positive. At that point I thought 3-4 months time plus mitigation via social distancing could work to suppress the virus. Parts of China and Europe seemed the hottest spots.

To add stress, we had recently found a new Cannabis “plug” and the 3rd zip (oz.)  was weaker than normal resulting in smoking more but having reduced effects.Fortunately, soon we discovered  other slightly more expensive strains from the same source that were much better as our medicine.

Month 2 4/15 5/15

The better herb along with our CBD items (cream, oil, and tincture) helped with  depression & sleep but productivity was still down. I was frankly very fatigued in spite of little activity outside the apartment. A friend observed that he felt in veins were filled with molasses, an apt analogy.

I had to make some changes but where to begin? First step was a PM nap after research sessions. It helped but I still had too much COVID news on my mind. Next, I added some exercise but the effort required was both surprising and hard to muster

Over the same period I reduced COVID19 info consumption with less research and fewer briefings. While the back and forth between the various Governors and the Impotus was sometimes informative and even entertaining, the net result was more depression and anxiety

So I scaled back  more news and found the depression starting to lift, that is, until Memorial Day weekend when we saw the beginnings of the current surge

Month 3 5/15 6/15

as TX and other South Western states plus Florida start of open and the younger folks show no discipline,  cases spike in in a very substantial way. The epidemiologists are clearly worried.

Since I started to pay more attention to my personal state, I have continued to ramp up activity So more fitness work along with more music and house dancing has boosted energy and stopped naps most days.

Along with skipping most news except for headlines I have begun to keep my schedule up better than in months. This is my 2nd new post since Feb. Funny how writing seems so hard one is procrastinating, but so easy once the block is past. As everything slips into place, the flow begins again and quality of sleep improves

 Month 4 6/15 /7/15

  1. Grim reality sets in as more cases and more deaths continue to climb is sunbelt
  2. Governors urge folks to stay home and some like Abbot (R-TX) have reversed position on masks
  3. Impotus continues to whine and sputter while showing NO leadership.
  4. 3m cases and over 132k deaths are inexcusable’

My current strategy is to review headlines but not spend much time on the political side of these events.

The COVID virus is apolitical and not responsive to Trump or anyone else’s rant. So how much did the push to reopen cost after the reboot?


After the July 4th holiday things are a mess with FL, AZ and TX vying for the lead in cases. There will likely be another showdown. ATX is talking 35 days in order to get the schools open, but some want more opening speed than is  feasible.

The push to open the schools and sports is meeting more resistance, but I have tuned out all but the loudest shrieks. I am meditating more, but now smoking less as I work more and use the PAX to vape the edge away.

As Dr. Fauci said yesterday. “We are up to our knees in COVID Pandemic”