Ed & Bev’s EOY CBD Report

Last July on vacation in Denver, well lifted in deed!

Since staring our current CBD regimen with EU sourced full plant extract products, we both see and feel much better. How so? Starting with my old bones @70 and gaining fast on 71, I am happy to report the following ECS mediated changes:

  1. Better water weight control with < 3 lb. fluctuations
  2. Better weight management, no holiday weight gain
  3. Continued digestive improvements, less gas no bloated feelings after evening meal
  4. No more dandruff for the first time in many years
  5. Better 2nd day response to exercise, i.e. less stiffness

My partner @NurseBev reports:

  1. With before bed CBD, excellent breathing, quiet snoring and refreshing sleep
  2. Slow weight loss with no dieting, just CBD, Krill oil, and age appropriate vitamins
  3. Improved appetite seems combo of vitamins and before meal flowers
  4. Hair and nails stronger and growing fast
  5. Reduced fibro pain most days
  6. More exercise stamina 

Our New Biz associate Norman reports

  1. Down from 2 Ambien plus a few drinks to no Ambien or Alcohol after 5 days
  2. No more migraine headaches
  3. Refreshing sleep
  4. Improved attitude and mood

Norm has been taking one of Bev’s mixtures of full plant CBD paste with honey. 10mg in evening before bed for about 2 weeks.

Bev’s sisters, one mid 50s, the other mid 60s with beginning signs of Dementia

Both have made good progress in several key wellness areas after only 2 weeks use of CBD full plant with honey, dosage about 5 mg/day sublingual

  1. Better mobility
  2. Stronger voices on the phone
  3. Better Sleep
  4. Improved Thinking (older sister)

@NurseBev will share more details in her next post. Bottom line: In older adults with ECS deficiency syndrome, even small starter doses of these supplements have powerful effects.

 Terjuajua Daizie 

Our dog is both cuter with a fuller softer coat and seems more mature and less anxious in general. She has several new hangout places @ home which she wanders freely back and forth from. When I take her out she is energetic and curious, but @ home she chills a lot except for feeding or “happy room” time. Daizie gets only a little 2nd hand smoke along with her nightly CBD spoon lick. If is not interested in a lift, she into the closet to chill on some pillows.  As we see it she self regulates her THC exposure, but never rejects her CBDs

No side effects

When considering a wellness program with CBDs, there is one overriding, undeniable factor. These chemicals evolved with us since evidence exists for primitive ECS functions in slugs and other invertebrates. A period of over 800Meg years according to recent research means something very important. Cannabidiol (CBD) supplements are well tolerated at does much larger than recommended and they have NO known side effects. Ever listen to the endless drug commercials for drugs like Lyrica for Fibromyalgia and Zeralto for a-Fib? The time spent documenting the side effects is often longer than the pitch for the drug’s benefits. Which type of treatment would you prefer, wellness with CBD or slow decline and perhaps destruction with Big Phama scripts?

So as we begin 2017 in better health than last year, our sincere hope is that (as Bev likes to say) We want everyone we touch to feel as good as we feel.