A New way forward: Community based CBD sales

In the I Ching, book of changes the symbols for Problem and Opportunity are the same. In late Feb of this year, we lost a shipment from our EU supplier in NY. Apparently by theft as the supplier lost 15 packages in the same manner in a two week period. It seems the thieves discovered that this CBD medicine is for real and are working to cash in. Our supplier is no longer

After consulting with our EU supplier, we decided to order some more product and ship via DHL @ $50/kg. Now we have wholesale quantities of two core products, 21% CBD paste 21PasteJar

and a hard to find Alcohol tincture 3% Both are full plant extract with terpenes and other non psychoactive cannabinoids. 3%Tincture

Monday night (4/10) we had a live demo of the tincture product as our @TXgreenrush meeting. The results were very positive with 1/2 dozen testers enjoying the instant total relaxation that using the tincture with a nebulizer provides. On Wed 4/12 we did a 2nd demo and shared CBD nebulizer awareness with over a dozen more @ a 420 friendly club in Austin. All results were positive

Over the holiday weekend, Bev’s daughters and grand daughter came for a visit. SheResa  is very petite and has struggled with asthma her whole life. After only one CBD Nebulizer treatment she was able to run and play with her 4 year old, Journie without any wheezing! She now has a bottle to use home in Dallas and we are all waiting for more reports of her results results. Since inflammation is at the core of so many respiratory conditions, we are most hopeful that the CBD Nebulizer technique is a game changer

Online sales have been very slow as we have not yet found a reliable Credit Card processor so we are now going to focus on the local Austin, TX market and Bay Area in CA where @NurseBev has her extended family. We will also attend Cannabis shows in other TX cities to promote awareness of this powerful medicine.

 More About the CBD Nebulizer Treatments

Over the last few weeks we have given CBD nebulizer treatments to about 20 folks in both public and private settings. The tincture we use is 3% CBD with terpenes, a full plant extract. The standard dose is a 1 dropper draw from partly full (GT 2/3) 20 ml bottle, about .7ml. The treatment lasts about a minute, but the effects begin after only 15-20 seconds. We have seen a consistent “CBD smile” in all subjects and no one has reported any disorientation or other psychoactive effects. The primary effects are “complete total relaxation” as @NurseBev says. Here’s one video sample, we are going to do 100 subjects before making any firm conclusions, but for now this technique is very promising with many potential applications. CBD Nebulizer Demo1