Cannabis Consulting

Ed Martino, PhD

Ed Martino, PhD

Currently I am available for online consulting in the following specialties:

  • How to best use CBD supplements
  • Contingency Mangemant with Marijuana – How to use resposibly
  • Tolerance break and tolerance taper prococedures
  • eLearning for Cannabis patients and budtenders
  • Technical writing for Cannabis Non-profits: RFP, RFQ, grants, etc.
  • Strain selection guidelines for new patients

Rates: $80/hr billed in .25 hr increments. 1st 15 min on Ed

Quickest Way to get started

My Skype ID is ermphd. Send me a message there with your Skype ID or Twitter handle and I’ll get back to you to set up your 1st session. 

Or Complete the contact form below and request a consult.

In either case the 1st 15 min of our discussion is on me. We will deal with the payment side after the intial consult. Peace