Wither CBD Supplements?

New trends for 2018

In case you haven’t been paying much attention lately, I see a lot of changes in CBD supplement land so far in 2018. To Wit:

  • The New Farm bill (##) seems to allow farmers to grow industrial hemp without restrictions, as championed by Leader McConnell
  • This move functionally de-schedules Industrial Hemp, since the DEA had other issues to deal with, e. g. Opioids and Meth, to name a few.
  • A recent uptick in CBD MLM offers, including on Craig’s List
  • Prices are starting to go down, some @ .10/mg
  • More full plant products are available

In addition a number of firms such as ??? use CBD in either their twitter handles or biz name or both. This last change suggests that CBD has become more mainstream with companies using “CBD” as part of their branding, a good sign for the industry.
As more studies show the efficacy and safety of CBDs as medicine for many chronic conditions, public acceptance can only grow as results speak for themselves.

Will BigPharma Dominate the CBD market?

Ultimately the answer seems YES, but the total market should have room for “craft” suppliers such as our modest effects with several B&E Hemp CBD products. Look for more details about registering for FREE samples (while supplies last) in our next post, Community CBD Sales Begin.

Why should patients consider Craft CBD products instead of “Branded” ones?

The other day, while browsing a CBD group I belong to, a comment about which Branded CBD product to buy caught my eye. “Avoid branded CBD products Get some flower and make your own oil”.
A fine idea for folks with a green thumb, but I’m not good with plants in general, lol. Buying a craft CBD product can get you CBDs that are only a step or two from homegrown CBDs. Why is this important?
Herbal medicines in general and Cannabis/CBD supplements, in particular, are best consumed closest to the natural state (dried flower or tincture) as possible for the best “entourage effect”.
As noted above, full plant CBDs are coming online but can be hard to find with many “pure” CBDs simply isolates which have a more limited dose-response effect. The other night I spoke with a friend who takes 500mg of CBD isolate for pain every day. I suspect that with full plant CBD he’d need a lot less for his pain issues. We will let him try some samples and see for himself,

My Best advice for rest of 2018

  • Experiment with several CBD types, namely isolate v full plant
  • Learn to titrate your dosage carefully to find the maximum effect
  • Experiment with several CBD administration routes, e.g oral, topical and pulmonary
  • Keep track of your conditions and the CBD effects you experience
  • Keep Learning!