We’ve been taking CBD supplements for about two years now. During year one we struggled to obtain a reliable supply while we learned about dosing and other details of CBD use. For that last year out supply has been consistently provided by an EU processor who makes very good quality hemp-based CBD products.

In several other posts, I’ve discussed our results over time and via several different constructs. Here is another way to think about how CBD works in the body. Dr. Phil Milgrom has made a very important video explaining the physiological side of the ECS. This post is a front end organizer to his video. I urge you to take the time to watch this excellent work for understanding.


My Skinny on Dr. Milgrom’s explanation

  1. 360 nodes of CB2 receptors exist inside our bodies with concentrations in organs like pancreases, intestines, and spleen.
  2. These nodes of receptors support homeostasis by controlling:
  1. Hormones
  2. Neurotransmitters
  3. Oxidants 
  • These nodes only have one job “Am I in Balance”
  • ECS deficiency affects homeostasis which causes many chronic conditions.
  • The body resembles a “mobile” where all parts are interconnected.
  • Treating symptoms does not improve balance and often works against homeostasis via side effects.
  • Adding Hemp based CBD supplements is an important tool in our wellness chest.
  • CBD receptors (CB2) appear to keep refreshing and improving balance in their respective systems.

Bev’s take on the CBD Cascade

For much of the last year, Bev kept saying “better and better” when we talked about CBD effects. While I feel better than before, my slight arthritis in hands along with my diabetes and some skin issues are not life-threatening; at least in the short term, lol. Bev, on the other hand, has used CBD and a few other supplements to resolve:

    1. Sleep Apnea
    2. Narcolepsy
    3. COPD
    4. Fibromyalgia
    5. Glaucoma
    6. Pain from multiple spinal surgeries

Thinking more about “better and better”, I realized Bev was describing the effects of the CBD 360 Cascade on a number of her systems over the last 1.5 years.

Some problems like the:

      • Sleep Apnea resolved rather quickly taking about 6 weeks before Bev stopped waking up just to take a breath.
      • COPD got better shortly after Bev began to use CBD with a nebulizer last March. Now she has much better lung function with no respiratory issues this year at all
      • Fibromyalgia took almost a year with her subjective pain going from “8” to “4” and staying there for 6-12 months. The last time I asked about it, her reply was more like “what fibromyalgia”.

CBD supplements are not drugs!

A little psychopharmacology 101. Generally speaking, many drugs are either exciters or pacifiers, uppers or downers in the sense that they increase or decrease neural or other system activity. These effects disturb homeostasis which the ECS seeks to maintain. Upon removal of the drug, systems rebound causing unpleasant symptoms e.g. opioid or antidepressant Withdrawal.

Over the past year, Bev and I have taken an average CBD dose of from 10-20mg per day via under the tongue or nebulizer, plus some topical uses. Unlike any other substance, CBD supplements do not build any significant tolerance. This makes logical sense given the “Am I in Balance” mission.

Considering the basic facts, CBD supplements are NOT Drugs and should not be regulated as if they are. CBD supplements are not the legitimate purview of the DEA and AG Sessions. CBD supplements provide a safe balancing mechanism for our overstressed systems, via the ECS. Everyone can benefit from simple hemp-based CBD supplements. As Bev would say “Get yourself some right away”!