Smoking and Vaping Hemp Flower

While our experience with Hemp Flower Hemp Flower 1/8is somewhat limited, a recent article about smoking Hemp Flower had some good points w a significant error which compelled me to offer some observations. Today’s cannabis writers seem to sometimes suffer from a direct experience deficit. I only write, in an experiential manner, about topics I have direct experience with. I guess I’m just old-fashioned that way.

So my peeve with a recent article on Smoking Hemp Flower (link), came from the point made about the smell/taste properties of hemp and marijuana flower were similar due to the fact that the “terpene profiles were much the same” Frankly this assertion is logically absurd. Terpenes are part of the plants protection system for predators and hence are linked to environmental factors. So hemp and marijuana flower would not logically have similar terpenes unless they were grow in very similar environments since having similar genetics seems very unlikely.

Our Direct experiences with High CBD and Hemp Flower

Back in ‘17 Nurse Bev and I acquired an LB of High CBD marijuana flower called “Crazy Train” by the grower with. a 4 to 1 CBD/THC ratio. Over the next three months we smoked over 1/2 by ourselves and shared the rest with friends. We almost always mixed the CT with a bit of our regular flower supply Why? Two reasonsOpen-mouthed smile:

  1. The THC “lift” combined with the CBD relaxation was a good combo.
  2. We didn’t like the CBD taste by itself (which manifests in me as a bitter taste at the back of my mouth and throat).

Recent Hemp Flower Experiences

At the recent CBD Expo Tour in Orlando last November, I bought some legal Hemp Flower from several vendors @ about $10per 1/8 Hemp Flower Indica

We smoked the Hemp Flower:

  1. By itself – was relaxing but tasted bitter on the end
  2. Mixed w Cannabis – relaxing plus mellow lift
  3. and Vaped it (also by itself) relaxing but seemed to clog PAX2 faster.Harmony1


  1. As with regular Cannabis flower, vaping seems safer and more efficient than smoking.
  2. Both smoking and vaping are relaxing and allow precise dosing control via the puffs.
  3. Hemp and Cannabis flower have different smell and taste characteristics (Try some and see for yourself)
  4. Adding a little Cannabis flower to the mix improves taste and perhaps some other benefits.


We’d really like to learn more about Hemp Flower so since it’s is legal almost everywhere in the US, if you are a grower of smoke-able hemp flower and want our opinion, drop me a DM @ermphd (on Twitter) so we can work out the details. All we need is 1/8 from each strain or grower. Anything submitted must have LT .3% THC and a certificate of sanitation. Peace