Private Funding Opportunity #1

We have now completed preliminary research and testing of our preferred (EU) Hemp CBD products. We are ready to expand this effort to involve more folks seeking relief from numerous chronic conditions for which CBD supplements show great promise.20150701_210714

For reference see posts on Community Sales Pt. 1 and Pt. 2

As you may realize, we are not traditional capitalist entrepreneurs. Our roots in the counterculture of the late 60s and early 70s run deep and we tend to think more communally than many in the business community. For us, peace and wellness are as important as having financial abundance.


Private Coop Funding is the newest concept emerging from our efforts.

  1. We seek investors who are or want to help give care to patients, many with financial issues. We help these folks by Sponsoring their CBD supplement needs
  2. How can you help? Simply sign up for a 1yr subscription (1 bottle/mo.) and pay $350 for it in advance.
    1. We then ship your subscription in 3 bottle increments as follows
      1. @ week 1
      2. @ week 9
      3. @ week 17
      4. @ week 25
    2. By front-loading payment and shipments, you will have all your bottles delivered 1/2 way through your subscription year and we will have the funds to expand production and to help more needy folks, a Coop win-win! Note @ retail each shipment is worth $150 so by week 9, you are almost even for the year. No games, no bait, and switch, just a new way to help yourself and others get well
    3. Other perks, CannaProsCoop member discounts on T-shirts and mugs
    4. Ability to order more B&E products @ over 33% discounts (when available)


While everyone could benefit from taking CBD supplements to help ECS balance and live a healthier lifestyle, some with serious issues cannot afford this powerful medicine. We discreetly sponsor a few folks who have serious issues. P, for example, is a professional with severe IBD problems. She ran out 10 days ago but is coming over today for a 3% CBD Tincture bottle. We just sent a bottle to a twitter friend who struggles to survive on < $1K/mo. I will start a page on becoming a sponsor or sponsoree once we get the program defined more precisely.

For now, note that we need your help with some seed funds for which you will receive a stable supply of CBD products at a fair price along with the knowledge that you are helping yourself and members of the Cannabis Wellness Community.


If $350 upfront is still a steep buy-in for you at this point, but you are still interested in helping and wellness. How about this? Order our 3 bottle special, 2 tincture 1 CoCoOil for only $100 + 7 S&H and then you have a bottle to share with a needy friend or relative. In this case, you may buy 6 bottles @ a time for $200.

Care Givers NOT Distributors

Our concept seeks caregivers who want to spread the use of legal CBD supplements for general wellness. We are opened to your thoughts and suggestions, but our intent is not MLM.

Add your name and info below and to start, we’ll send you 2 FREE 3ml samples, 1 Alcohol Tincture, 1 CoCoOil to test for yourself. S&H $5