FREE sample confusion?

We’ve recently had a surge in FREE sample requests and have replied to most with instructions. So far only a few folks have sent the required $5 S&H. No samples will ship until we receive the PayPal amount.

I just reviewed all my Free Samples tweets making sure the S&H was in all of them.  There were 2 tweets out of 8 without “$5 S&H” in the text. I’m Sorry for any confusion I have caused.

Why do we work this way?

Several reasons:

  1. The 2 liquid products are worth $10/3ml @ retail
  2. The cream is worth $5 retail making the retail value $25

Why not pay the S&H as part of the promo?

Several reasons again:

  1. Folks are more committed as future buyers after they support S&H
  2. B&E is not out additional $ at this stage, we’re not Amazon!

This is our business model, non-negotiable

As for pricing, if you find a comparable product with a certificate of authenticity @ a better price, we will meet it.