In the last week, we began to send samples of our two main CBD products, a 3% alcohol tincture and a Coco oil + CBD paste mixture to some folks in our Twitter Cannabis Community. This week more samples and products will ship as we ramp up production. To be clear these are “craft” CBD products with limited availability. If you are curious, we suggest you act promptly when given the chance to check them for yourself. 

What’s the point?

As noted in our last post, we see a watershed moment in Cannabis with CBD supplements leading the way. At this time, only three states prohibit Hemp CBD products: (Find names) More and more studies with positive results hit the mainstream media daily. The tide has turned toward acceptance of Cannabis as medicine

Our efforts see to educate folks who are interested in safe, effective medicine for common conditions, many related to aging. In addition, there many suffering from anxiety and other mental conditions who also need relief. As cannabis educators, given the current state of the market, we seek to educate potential consumers so that they are able to select good quality CBD supplements at fair prices.

Some results from CBD samples

A few weeks back we sent a CBD in alcohol tincture to an MD in the North East. He has a 95 yr. old patient with COPD.  Makes us smile to read this text.


Now after a week with more nebulizer treatments at home, she had another appointment with the MD.


Even better. We suggested that the “cold” might be simply due to better lung function i.e. a productive cough. The patient’s daughter agreed with us. I wonder how she will be feeling after a month, we’ll see!

Now in the 4th week better news

Another twitter friend I call ‘D” for privacy, seems to also like the Tincture as he says below:


Anxiety and PTSD are serious conditions suffered by many, particularly Vets. This twitter bud, J reported a very positive experience after waking up tight and anxious the other day. (For context, folks with PTSD often awake from bad dreams which reinforce their stress) This CBD tester used a very small amount of our CocoOil  CBD paste mixture. Another smile as I write this.


So How do I get samples to test?

The best way is on Twitter starting with a DM to say you are interested. Then we will need your snail mail addy for the PO. BTW, we charge only $5. S&H payable via PayPal after delivery. Folks, we don’t make any money on the samples. We actually only cover postage and materials. We are really giving away the CBD products. We send 1st class and will email/tweet your tracking number once sent.

How much do the CBD cost by the bottle? (1/2 Oz w 400mg CBD in Coco, 450mg in Tincture)

  • The tincture is $45 + S&H
  • CocoOil is $50 +S&H
  • Intro special is two bottles Tincture + 1 bottle paste for $100 + S&H

Remember those quantities are limited so act soon if you want a taste of the real thing! We are doing this as part of our CBD educational effort. There is a lot of noise in the channel at this time and we want interested folks to feel as good as we do!

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