CBD Use Cases: Thinking Systematically

One way to characterize CBD uses cases is to use various anatomical systems as reference points. While Western science uses these analytical techniques as tools for studying the human body/mind, it is important to understand that in reality, all these systems interact in complex ways in real time. As the body heals, there is additional synergy between these systems that we call Wellness.

Respiratory System

So, let’s begin with Respiration, the breath of life. In the last 8 mo. we have discovered the efficacy of using a 3% CBD alcohol tincture via a nebulizer with excellent results. We have processed several colds this way and tested over 80 folks with only positive results. (cantina link) In addition, Bev’s daughter has seen her asthma symptoms virtually disappear. In my case, my bronchi are more relaxed than ever before.This  nebulizer technique has other benefits, but direct impact on bronchial and lung issues seems most important

Muscular/Skeletal System

Most of the chronic aging conditions we get in our muscles and joints are mediated via inflammation. Since CBD and some other Cannabinoids like CBG have strong anti-inflammatory properties, both P.O. (oral) and topical application of both CBD oils and creams offer tangible, often almost immediate relief from joint and muscle pain and stillness. Since inflammation increases cardio-vascular risk overall, CBD supplements are a powerful tool for combating the effects of these “aging” conditions. Bev currently has NO fibromyalgia pain after years of suffering constantly.

Digestive System

We now understand the importance of a healthy Digestive System as evidenced by the proliferation of pro-biotic aids and OVC digestive remedies. Most of our immune system lies in our gut with “good” bacteria which help to balance the complex processes occurring there. More and more folks have become gluten intolerant in recent years leading to a new rush of gluten-free baked goods. CBD supplements combat IBD and Crohn’s disease very well with some studies reporting over 40% remission, a very good outcome for this condition. The combination of regular CBD use along with Bev’s better diet with more fruit and veg has my digestion better than it was 20 yrs. ago! The lack any digestive side effects, gas etc. is another real quality of life bonus.

Circulatory System

Along with CBD supplements we also take Krill oil and COQ10 to help our arteries and pumps keep working properly. The other night I took a resting BP @ 133/66 HR 65. The cardio effects are likely a product of multiple supplements, meditation, cardio workouts, and my Tai Chi. That said, my vitals have never been better even in my youth!

Skin/Hair and Nails

For years, I’ve had both chronic dandruff and toenail fungus, both of which have much improved in the last year. I have also used CBD oil topically on some skin lesions that have either disappeared or are fading away. My toenail fungus is about 90% gone and my dandruff is under good control as long as I wash my remaining hair, lol, at least every other day. Bev’s hairline has seen new growth also. Some African-Americans tend to get circular faded skin areas as they age as did Bev, but hers are fading back to her nice brown skin tone.

Nervous System

During our Nebulizer testing at several live events, we discovered that young adult’s social anxiety seemed to disappear after they had CBD via nebulizer experience. CBD used in a nebulizer simply crushes anxiety as we saw over and over again. Several nebulizer users with anxiety/depression issues reported feeling better almost immediately after a 2-3min treatment. CBD via sublingual also helps anxiety, just not as quickly. 

PTSD & Addictions

Many states now allow MMJ for PTSD and new studies report success with both alcohol and opiate addiction. For me, the most important fact about using CBD to treat additions is that there are NO side effects. Adding yet more drugs to treat additions seem just plain wrong. In a recent veteran’s story, Cannabis and CBD helped him get off 11 separate prescription drugs. Since potential interactions between drugs are yet another problem, removing them cannot be a bad decision