CBD Tour 2019 East, Orlando 11/15 11/16 Recap

Finally recovered

Been over a week since the show but we old folks needed a bit more downtime for recovery, lol!

So CBD Tour 2019 East was very interesting. We saw lot of new products for CBD users. Here I will recap our experiences and share our next planned CND Tour show, Houston in April

Nebulizer Demo

For Houston we will have a booth and our Nebulizer demo will run both on the demo stage and continuously from the bothInspireNeb1. The new Inspire Nebulizers are compact and easy to work with. Plus, they are both inexpensive and easy to use. Plus the vendor site (HMFY.com) is the only one I could find that does not need a prescription.

About a dozen folks tried this CBD administration technique with all having very positive results. The list of issues and effects is below.’

  1. Back Pain
  2. Neck Pain
  3. Fibromaialgia
  4. Chest congestion
  5. Anxiety/Depression

Demo Stage @ idle

In addition, all nebulizer subjects showed what we consider a trademark, a relaxed and broad “CBD Smile” at the end of the treatment, a very good sign that all was well for them.

Best Reactions

Two of the participants stand out as I followed up with both several hours later.

Dave is in his mid to late sixties and sat quietly as his wife was our second demo participant. When I called him up he said his chest was still congested from a recent infection. His facial pallor was greyish and his voice was rough. After the demo, I noticed he was moving around the demo stage, writing and taking notes. When I stopped to chat I saw a much healthier pink pallor and his breathing was much deeper

Myktle was working in a booth near the demo stage and came by earlier for a treatment. I monitored him from time to time and he was laughing and seemed to be having a good AM. Since this was on day two of the show the exhibitors were tired and it showed, but Myktle was rocking along. When we had a few minutes to chat, his boss explained that he has sent Myktle over to try the nebulizer. Myktle was still smiling and remarked that he felt “up” but not anxious.

Back to Day One 11/16

I spoke on the panel entitled  CBD Safety and Interactions with Other Drugs along with four other Cannabis/CBD professionals:

  • Carlton Bone CBD chef and Moderator
  • Adam Abodeely, MD, MBA, FACS – The medical Star of the show
  • Ed Martino, PhD – Experimental psychologist and cannabis researcher
  • Cliff Sicniksy – Representing the Pharma Industry
  • Loren DeVito, PhD – A published Science and Cannabis author

Top discussion points

  1. CBD is safe medicine not withstanding the current high dose mouse study on liver enzymes -Consensus
  2. Epidiolex has been somewhat disappointing in the field – Consensus
  3. Full plant CBD works better than isolate CBD across all dose levels  -Dr Martino
  4. Thousands of patients with severe GI issues have responded well to CBD mediated therapy – Dr Abodelly,
  5. Topical products provide fast targeted pain relief safely – Dr DeVito