CBD Research Case Notes

New Friends Cases

Over the summer wCBD chemical formulae have added some new cases, several of my professional buds along with 20 or so CBD nebulizer “demo” users at the Flamingo Cantina on 6th St. The Cantina is open air on the top deck and discreet herb usage is acceptable there in “Blue Austin”.

Nebulizer works very well in (semi) public setting


During our trips to Reggae Night (Wed) @ the Cantina we bring our trusty nebulizer, cleansing alcohol wipes, and enough 3% Alcohol Hemp CBD tincture for 15-20 testers. Nurse Bev and I setup upstairs @ the rear bar and shortly the testers almost magically appear to try our new administration technique. Each tester gets a dropper full (.7ml or about 20 mg CBD) with the complete treatment taking 3-5 min depending on lung capacity and breathing style. Recently, we determined that waiting 10-15 sec. after hitting the switch lets most of the alcohol evaporate by then. Many users, including me, gag a little on the alcohol until it evaporates and one’s bronchial tubes begin to expand. Lesson learned!

Some anecdotal results

At first some were skeptical and we chatted  a bit about the experience and effects first. We have developed a small group of regulars who bring friends to try the nebulizer. We do not charge but tips are cool. Its really amazing to see, but almost everyone has the same immediate effects including:

  • Full relaxation of their muscles and corresponding body language
  • A relaxed peaceful smile
  • Increased interactions with their friends and us

To the psychologist in me this suggests a real change in their social anxiety states. Some of the taller TX males suddenly seem more comfortable bending over to chat with the “little people’ (includes Bev and me) One guy said his THC high felt “clarified” by the CBD. In speaking with several young men who liked CBDs for countering THC edgy effects, they readily agreed when I used “clarifying” to describe the THC/CBD interaction. We think CBD for anxiety is a real good prescription for young adults.

Nebulizer for high stress IT friend

I’ve known K for 10 years since we met on a Instructional Design Contract in Dallas. Since then she has moved to the west coast and seems headed toward executive management; very talented lady she is! But with talent comes pressure. In June we had some dialog about her tension headaches. I suggested she try the Alcohol tincture via nebulizer for best effects. She’s used most of 2 15 ml bottles in the last few months. When I asked recently for a testimonial here is what she said

Awesome! Thanks Doc, this is what I have so far, “My CBD nebulizer is a life changer. Pain free and no anxiety!

I then asked K to rate her general wellness from 1 to 10 both before and after she began to use the CBD via Neb technique

2 before and solid 8 now and I live in Seattle where recreational use of marijuana is legal. CBD is highest in non-psychoactive hemp and states that legalize seem not to be focused as much on CBD formulations but that is where you get the best return on investment for anxiety free pain relief in my experience Smile

CBD via sublingual for old Grad School friend

During graduate school years J was a best friend and mentor He was 2 years ahead of me in the Clinical program while I was in Experimental. We had no classes but found each other and became friends along with our wives. I knew his S from Jr. High, coincidentally. J is retired and we recently reconnected on face book. Sensing that he needed a lift from some of what J shared I sent him a bottle of the 3% Alcohol CBD tincture for oral use. Here is how he described his results.

First of all, I’m sold on CBD. I sleep like a baby, wake up without aches and pains, feel especially relaxed, etc. I appreciate your generosity in sending the CBD but feel like I need to reimburse you. I have discovered that this stuff is not cheap. Best wishes, Joe

More recently J has traveled to Bermuda and had been MIA on Facebook for the last few weeks. I sense a surge of new energy, but still need more detailed feedback. Looking forward to J’s next report.

As the case evidence expands, we are more and more certain of these three important conclusions:

    1. CBD supplements show good efficacy with young adults who have social anxiety and/or dislike the sometimes edgy THC effects
    2. Evidence shows CBD supplements have an important role in controlling many common conditions associated with aging, particularly those where inflammation (arthritis, IBD, tendentious ect is a key trigger
    3. As Dr. Russo suggested many of us in middle age begin suffering from an ECS (Endo-Cannabinoid S) deficiency leading to these conditions and ultimately death.

Clearly we need more long term research to develop more Best Practice solutions for CBD supplementation, a key to lifelong wellness!