Trials of a Professional Cannabis Activist

I’ve always been an early adopter, but I am surprised at the difficulty “coming out green” as a CBD user and Cannabis activist has had for me professionally. It seems clear by now that Corporate Recruiters are very nervous about putting forth candidates who are vocal about their views on Cannabis and CBD uses and benefits. I have several job hunters and send in my documents to contract opportunities when they fit my skills and desired locations. My skills in Instructional Design, Tech Writing and CMS sites are current and documented via my work history and online portfolio, but once they see my twitter feed or CannaProsCoop blog, the emails and calls just stop coming. 

I find it most ironic that many Corp folks self-medicate with legal but dangerous drugs including alcohol and various psychoactive prescription drugs, but fear exposure for any Cannabis use. As I have written prior, I am over 50 yr. a stoner at this point, with a PhD that I earned in the early 70s in the middle of the War in Vietnam and the 1st blooming of the counter culture. I learned to work 1st, then indulge in MJ as a reward. One does not get any advanced degree by “Stoning out”. Neither I nor my classmates did certainly not do so.

Alas, the Stoner Stereotype is an appealing one for prohibitionists. The notion that folks can get stoned and still ‘get stuff done” is a foreign one to them. Unfortunately the legal system is still dominated by the anti-MJ interests in many states. A TX friend just got busted for MJ possession with all the incumbent hassles: impounded car, jail, bond, etc. We have persecuted far too many decent folks for the crime of liking a very useful plant.

So here we are with 7 legal states, 29 MMJ states with more on the horizon, but the ghost of Stoner Shame still haunts many professionals seeking to balance the wellness that Cannabis brings with the narrow mindedness of Corp Culture. Its time to stop the Insanity!


As it turns out consuming CBD supplements during working hours is very sensible, particularly for senior workers. CBDs promote a relaxed focus with a clear mind. There are no psychoactive effects associated with their use. CBDs are simply the safest medicine we know of. Its anti-inflammatory effects offer older workers better productivity with no risk. The DEA appears to be avoiding CBD suppliers who use Hemp, not Marijuana strains, as their CBD source. Isn’t it time for the HR and legal departments to rethink their arcane positions of CBD and Cannabis use by professional workers?

For the record, most the work that I do professionally requires linear thought, not the loose associations that Cannabis often brings. In doing a business analysis or coding  in any computer language one must have good short term memory in order to be productive. The programmer/analyst must know where they were, are, and where they are going to all at the same time in order to keep it together. I sometimes brainstorm about graphics/UI issues in a “lifted” state but only @ home during leisure computing times.

So if you have an opportunity that you think I’d be a good fit for, please DM me here @ermphd. I need your help finding a Cannabist friendly gig.