Safer Cannabis Use Pt2

While MDs and other health pros deride the dangers of smoking, its true that almost 50% of cannabis users use it as their preferred admin route. With that in mind there are techniques that make smoking safer, to wit: natural materials, filters and humidity control.

  • Natural materials like Raw organic hemp paper with natural glue put fewer toxins in the smoking mix.
  • Filter Tips also reduce particulate mater and temperature.
  • Boveda humidity control keeps herb fresh so that it smolders correctly at lower temperatures

In my 50+ years a cannabis user I’ve rolled at least 50 joints (3/day X 20k days). I’ve mainly smoked hand rolled joints. Below please find my current methods

Some years back a Cannabis tech writer with limited real world experience asked “Teach me how to roll”. Realizing this task was not a simple one to master, I politely declined. Rolling is a smoker’s handicraft that not everyone takes the time to perfect

As  young stoners with plenty of ego, my friends and I took pride when our Js burned evenly and held together during a group seesh

So now I’ve decided to share my experiences with the #CannabisCommunity

At the right we see our primary tools

    • Rolling tray
    • Papers (We prefer Raw 1.25)
    • Grinder
    • Scale
    • Herb in baggie w Boveda humidity control

This post will have a companion video to be viewed as a workshop for practice 

Rolling 101

    • Weigh a standard size for joint

.4 gm = mini

.5 gm = reg

.6 gm = lg


  1. Glue 2 sheets 1.25 papers end to end

  2. Fold bottom paper 1/3

  3. Trim twigs (optional)

  4. Grind buds until smooth

  5. Add ground herb to papers

  6. Even out the load

  7. Insert tip 3/4 into left end

  8. Begin 1st roll carefully

  9. (If paper slips lick finger tips)

  10. Continue rolling up while keeping paper straight

  11. Lick top end and press to glue

  12. Twist the lower (right) end to finish.

The next post will cover additional technuiques for safer cannabis use. Stay tuned