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@NurseBev’s Amazing MMJ story

Meet out newest Canna Pros Coop Prime member and Evangelist. @NurseBevJo  Bev7-5Her MMJ story is the most compelling I have heard so far. Here’s a quick preview. After suffering 2 heart attacks, losing 80 lb. and having to retire from her 18 year LPN, Nurse Bev developed a life threatening condition. Now that I have your attention, read the rest in her own words. Oh, BTW Nurse Bev is also a long time stoner, a martial arts specialist and a former Black Panther born and bred in Oakland, CA.

. “You should be dead!”.  were the first words the MD said when he entered the ER room. Excuse me? I said. “There’s no way you should have been able to walk through that door.” He said, looking at my cat scan and x-rays. “Blood has covered your entire brain and there’s no way you should have been able to walk in here.BrainAneurysm”I’m admitting you. What meds are you taking? 


I was suppose to be taking:

  • Hydrocodone 10/325.  1-2,  every 4-6 HR for pain
  • Cyclobenzaprine (flexeril) 10mg 3xs a day.

I couldn’t function like that  nor could I deal with other pain meds side effects i.e. psychotic delusions and hallucinations. I would only take my scripts when I had to.

So on July 10 2006,. I was admitted to AMH.  the only thing I had been doing to help manage my pain was to smoke. and as a old school toker I had come to realize how much smoking had helped with relief for multiple medical conditions. While laying in the hospital without my marijuana I had to depend more and more on opiates. As a nurse I knew how addictive opiates are. During the following days while laying in bed waiting to have my surgery,I noticed that:

  • The bad headaches were back,
  • I was staggering the few feet to the bathroom
  • My appetite was gone.
  • My emotions were completely out of control. 

I couldn’t wait for them to do the surgery so I could get home.  I had my surgery on 7/14, and woke up in ICU attached to a morphine pump along with orders for Norco 10/325 mg,  1-2 every 4hrs. the morphine and phenergan (for nausea and vomiting) as the morphine caused me to vomit.  I was in ICU only 1 day to the staff’s amazement.

Once I returned home and resumed my regular smoking routine I was able to cut down on my meds to only as needed (PRN).

As I learn the different ways for using cannabis for health and wellness, please stay tuned. There will be much more to come..

The picture above comes after NurseBev has been on a new CannaProsCoop (CPC) Wellness Regimen for just two weeks with:

  1. CBD supplements for ECS supplementation via Phylocannabiods
  2. Krill Oil supplement for ECS supplementation via Endocannabiods
  3. Centrum Plus Vision to supplement her smoked Cannabis for Glaucoma
  4. Whole food changes to diet with reduced carbs and fewer processed items
  5. Smoked Cannabis for pain management and relaxation

@NurseBev is Case 0 in this new research. We are now developing questionnaires for pre and post measurement of symptoms and outcome measurements. Our objective is to continue developing the CPC Rejuvenation and Wellness Regimen so that many folks seeking a safer path to wellness without undue dependence on Opioid drugs or other dangerous pharma drugs.