New Way Forward Pt 2 – Cannabis Consulting

Last AprilEd11-15Den 2th 4/20/2016 was my personal “coming out green” day. I recall opening up my twitter feed on tweet deck searching for #Cannabis and #MMJ  tags to start with and then actively seeking and following various resources in order to deepen my knowledge base with current research and legal system issues. After attending the @GreenFlowerMedia MMJ Health Summit at the end Jan ‘16, I realized that I needed to become an activist at this point. With over 50 yr. personal usage, background in psychology and psycho-pharmacology, published research in student drug use and attitudes towards drugs, it seemed a good time to lend my voice to those seeking real change in the laws and use patterns for Cannabis

I also began to post on which was a cool way to network with other aficionados. While MR has recently prevented “local feeds” in non-legal markets, in ‘15 MR was a good way to meet other “tokers” and even make connections or “plugs” as now commonly said.

Being one of many older professional users aka hippies who have lived at least partly in the counter culture since the ’70s, I’ve always confined my cannabis use to a small circle of friends and associates. “Coming out green” was a new experience for me. Sharing some personal stories and those of others is a important way for the counterculture to open more dialog and pass valuable information about this marvelous plant, our Pharmacy in bud. The “lifted” pic on above is from my 2nd trip to Denver in Oct-Nov 15. It was incredible to visit my first pot shop and make a nice legal buy.

Unfortunately, the prejudice against cannabis use in general is still rather common in corporate America. With lots of Cannabis related tweets on my Twitter feed (@ermphd) I have not gotten a contract for Tech writing or Instructional Design work since late ’15. Had a few interviews but the recruiters and hiring managers seem a bit leery. Funny, but in all my Corporate years I never went to work “lifted” Most of my analytical work requires linear logic. Only in developing graphics and themes do I ever indulge while working and only in my home office.

So now I am actively seeking Cannabis Consulting clients via Skype phone and video chats as our meeting ground. If you have a question or topic that you need some help with related to MMJ, Weed for Wellness or anything related to the psychological and or pharmacological aspects of Cannabis use, I’m here to help.

ermcvtMar73mjWhile I am not nationally known as a Cannabis expert at this time, my personal and and later research interests in Cannabis date from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s My PhD in Experimental Psychology includes 24 hr. in Psychopharmacology. Attached is a snag of an abstract of my survey study published in Journal of Counseling Psychology Mar 1973. I have a broad knowledge and skill base in several IT and educational areas along with sufficient scientific background to read and interpret current research and trends.

For starters Skype “ermphd” leave text message. We can then setup 1st chat any weekday 2-5 PM CDT 1st 15 min on me. Billed rate $20/15 min. Namaste