@Nenalee’s story– some MMJ users have childhood issues

Nena is another nice MR bud who uses #cannabis primarily to help her control her anxiety. Since she had some seizures as a child so the neuro-protectant properties of Cannabis are also working on the background. Soon Nena will be testing some high dose CBD chewables to test. If they work well enough she can save her regular Cannabis for recreational uses.

Anxiety from stress can be debilitating

Anxiety from stress can be debilitating

At a young age I started dealing with major anxiety, depression, and even Epilepsy. My mother was on most and even more medication for chronic pain, depression and the list could go on and on. In fact my young brother as well was diagnosed with bipolar disorder so I basically lived in a house hold were taking medication was just an everyday task needed to function.

I hated the fact of taking medication and feeling as if I need to depend on a pill.  I started using marijuana for when I felt anxious, or depressed and it helped as soon as i knew it, even for a slight headache I would prefer it over a Tylenol. But I found myself in a dilemma, the shame of marijuana vs. the shame I felt depending on a pill. It truly till this day highly upsets me when people tell me I’m a pothead. I responsibly use marijuana, I’m still very able to function and get what needs to be done taken care of.

People have this horrible image of marijuana smokers, that we are stupid, lazy, and irresponsible, I myself am far from stupid, and very responsible. So I find that phrase highly offensive. Its bad enough we have to hide when using marijuana and are made felt as if we are doing something wrong. Its one of the longest known forms of medication with zero serious side effects, yeah you might get a little hungry but a lot of people use marijuana for exactly that purpose.  StoneArt6

Honestly in my opinion, I feel as if most of us find ourselves in a Lose-Lose situation. Emotionally it tends to takes a toll on me the shame of using marijuana or getting “caught”, being judged by society. Getting looked at differently because I choose herbal medicine over other medication with many side effects. Feeling ashamed and at the same time not ashamed because I know what using marijuana actually does for me. I know on a day where I wake up so anxious and I feel like I cant function marijuana mellows me out and I actually feel calm. When my nerves are such a mess I find it almost impossible to get an appetite it helps me deal with both issues. People might have their own opinions on marijuana, and all of its benefits but facts are facts. And there are plenty of facts!

The recurring themes of patients seeking relief from debilitating anxiety along with a number of stress related disorders, while still struggling with the shame associatied with taking a substance that until ver recently was banned worldwide is all too common. I tweeted recently that all responsible Cannabis users had a role to play in the movement. If you have a personal MMJ story you’d like to share please contact me.