Ed’s Personal CBD Research

CBD4aLast October in Denver I stayed at a 420 ABnB run by my friend and new associate Paul Netipapa, a nurse whose location is close to the airport and very comfortable. One of the visitors had some CBD tinctures so I tried a dropper full sublingually. As I was rather lifted at the time, the overall effects were not clear. I did seem to feel calmer overall. My preference is Sativa bud which can make one a bit anxious if the setting is strange in genera. The best description for this 1st CBD experience is a calmer overall lift



Before returning to to Austin, I found some CBD chewables for the trip back. My hypertension is moderate but I had done something rather dumb with my BP pills before leaving for Denver. I put them in a old allergy med mini bottle and then forgot where they were during my trip. In self-defense they were close the the color of Advil and when I opened the bottle, that’s what I thought they were. Net result no BP meds for 2 weeks. The next day when I woke, I smoked some flowers and ate a chewable. An hour later I used my wrist meter to check the BP. On meds I run 130-135/85-80 HR 80-82. The meter reading was a shock 145/70 HR 71! Took BP again with same result,  perhaps 2 points different overall .As I am still searching for a new contract, I am still on the same regimen in the AM with fairly consistent results.

Some more details

After running out of chewables, I discovered a 350 MG in 10ml bottle @ Planet K for $49.95 plus tax. I take about one dropper a day, say 25mg CBD.   My BP and HR numbers were a little higher 145/75 HR 75, but still better in 2/3 than on the meds. Earlier this year I learned a critical fact that is also backed up by several new studies (links). Basically, since the entourage effect applies to both the THC and CBD components of Cannabis, a full plant extraction including the terpenes is the best way to utilize CBDs.

CBD5bWhen seeking almost anything these days, I begin with Amazon.com. After a little hunting and filtering results, I found a full plant extraction made from Organic Hemp in Slovenia. Got 3 bottles before Amazon decided to stop selling it?


I have since spoken the the Mfg. re distribution opportunities, but them Twitter opened another door. Slight digression, I also tested a CBD product from Amazon made from Hemp seed oil, but it did not work to lower my BP or HR at all!

An American Solution

I’m now working on a joint venture which will begin by selling 4 High CBD chewables (4/50mg) FREE with only $12.95 S&H. My venture partner and I discovered each other on Twitter which is where a lot of Cannabis networking and startup development goes on. CannaProsCoop.com will offer this special for only 1K orders one sample pack to a customer. In the near future CannaProsCoop.US will have a full retail store for various CBD products with special discounts for CannaProsCoop members.

With more and more states reforming MJ laws and permitting patients in need to receive these powerful medicines, the time has come for patients with a large variety begin to try CBDs which are NOT psychoactive and have no side effects. Stay tuned for firm order dates soonest.


After a late night out, I slept most of yesterday am. After I woke and smoked some Cannabis, I checked my BP and did not like the numbers 170/88 HR 96. Then I realized that I forgot to take my CBD dose (1 dropper of 300mg in 10ml botttle). After an hr I retested and the numbers were in my new “normal range” 140/76 HR 82. In my case CBD and THC work together for my chronic issues. Nuf said.