Craft CBD Marketing: The Next Phase

It’s been over 2 years since we started to market our CBD line, much slower than we planned, but now there is finally some traction. I’ve never been a great salesperson and I am still learning a new set of rules that seem to apply here.

For some time we’ve realized that some standard marketing approaches and strategies don’t work well with CBD supplements. With all the hype and myriads of products, it seemed hard at first to find functional ways to differentiate our products from the herd.

For most of 2017 and 2018, the CBD market was wild and mainly focused on mass marketed products based on CBD isolate (the pure form of the chemical as a crystal). We tried CBD crystals ourselves in 2017 but soon switched to full-plant (full spectrum if you prefer that term) supplements based on high-quality CBD paste we found from the EU, 100% organic, No GMO or pollution as the hemp is grown in a rural setting at 1500ft above sea level.

Our supplier has been in business for 5 years and uses high-quality CO2 extraction. I found some Israeli research that validated the ”entourage effect” for CBD supplements. That fact combined with our personal experiences showed us we were on to something real with the full-plant products.

Craft Marketing has a Guerrilla Marketing orientation

In the 80s I read some books on low budget Guerrilla marketing. The thing I remembered most clearly was that the marketing messages should be both mixed with other related content and repeated many times to be effective. Around this time I started, our cannabis-themed blog and discovered a Social Media management tool called Social Media Jukebox by Tim Fargo.

For a small monthly fee, The SM jukebox tool allows me to post to a number of SM platforms both real content, links to posts, and micro ads for our products.

Online Sales were slow to start

Building a new brand takes time, even more, when the sales are lagging. In fall 2018, we began to interact with folks mainly on Twitter. Then I had a new idea to test, FREE samples of two products, a paste based one with CocoOil (MTC) and an alcohol tincture. We only charge $5 S&H for 2 3ml samples worth over $20 @ retail. The sample piece is a nice qualifier for both the client and the PayPal process.

Currently, we are building a small but loyal customer base who “get” the uniqueness of our products.

Twitter as a communication channel

Now once we start a dialog and send samples, most (sample) testers become clients.  I just answered a Q via DM about adding a little honey for a client’s gal pal who does not like CBD taste. Twitter is easy to work with private DMs are a discrete way to communicate for clear client relations at NO out of pocket cost.

We also send other information and links via email or twitter, but no group sends, everything is individualized to the client’s needs and issues. Once we send samples or product orders, we send a DM with the USPS Tracking # to the client. Bottom line a Twitter user can get samples AND a product order in 10 days or less with this method.

One of the keystones of Guerrilla Marketing is allowing marketing data to chart your course.

Since the holiday period our Cannabis Community, mainly on Twitter has helped us chart a better course forward. How you ask? In several crucial ways:

  • New size suggestion – A client requested a larger size for the Coco-oil product, resulting in our 1 oz. bottles for both Coco and Tincture products, which sell for $100 (still .10 per mg)
  • New product suggestion Another client asked for a topical cream or balm. She’s a martial artist who had a tendon in her arm removed resulting in a stiff hand. Our new B&E CBD Topical is the result 

At the same time, we have been getting some encouraging testimonials from our clients as we support them and answer their usage questions and help their understanding of how CBD supplements work.

Client Testimonials

  • J from MD writes: My quality of life has increased immeasurably, I have been sleeping much better, I stopped using the Veterans Administration’s Benzos 2 weeks ago, I use RSO once when I start my day, it has reduced the anxiety greatly, then again when I get home and once just before bed, I use a full dropper full each time , I don’t know how many drops that is…
  • T from NC shares: Received the order, and went straight over to mom and dads house. She was so excited but cautious…LOL. I gave her the oil and the cream. She put a little of the cream on her knee and called me yesterday telling me how much better her knee felt. Mom has always pushed herself, hasn’t been very kind to her body. My parents have always worked hard. They flipped a lot of houses, but they were doing all the work themselves, not to mention we were living in them while they were being flipped…. I remember dad going into work, then coming home to work on the house. They would decide what walls were load bearing, and mom would have the wall knocked out by the time he would get home from work. A lot of heavy lifting and I got pretty good at mixing mortar by the time I was 12.  Moms back is one of her biggest problems, it’s like a bone to bone, discs are gone. But if she can get enough relief to at least get some sleep, it’ll help dad a lot, she lashes out pretty quick even when she’s not in pain. I’m hoping in about a week or two she will be telling me she’s sleeping better. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank You! 
  • T from PA Ya it works well smells very good I can’t wait until they legalize it so I can try some THC products lol
  • M from KSOkay….when they come in send me a jar of the 500mg, please. And send me another sample for my GF, please. I’m starting to get “believers” !!