Community Sales Pt2 Tinctures are cool~

Our experience with Tinctures began in early 2017 with a query from a salesman regarding a Cannabis liquid that could be used in a nebulizer. (Nebulizers are medical devices that many folks with lung and breathing problems use to get medication deep into the pulmonary system.) After one false start, we discovered a new product made by our EU supplier, a 3% CBD alcohol tincture that worked well. For a quick demo. see my pinned tweet here. 

In a very well documented medical video about Cannabis,I saw some old photos of alcohol tinctures made by BigPharma companies of the day in branded bottles. When Cannabis was in the US Pharmacopeia prior to 1944, the primary delivery system was the alcohol tincture. In fact, the default solvent for tinctures has historically been alcohol.

Why are Tinctures Important for Safer Cannabis Use?

Most older users like us learned to use Cannabis by smoking it in spite of pulmonary risks. Inhaling heated smoke and particulate matter is not very safe. This thought also applies to vaping and dabbing, but to a lesser degree than flower due to the absence of most particles.

Alcohol tinctures can be easily used sublingually with or without adding a little honey to improve the taste. In addition, they can be mixed in many drinks or used with food.

So, there are good reasons for trying alcohol tinctures for MMJ/CBD delivery including:

  1. No inhaled heated material to irritate the bronchial tubes or lungs
  2. Good dosage control via a dropper
  3. A large variety of administration vehicle options (juice, beer, wine, or even tacos lol)

These factors suggest that Tinctures need a second look for MMJ and CBD patients who don’t want to inhale heated material and who seek careful dosage titration.


In the last month, I came across two good articles about alcohol tinctures, one by master grower @EdRosenthal. Since the process for making a tincture is rather straightforward Ed;s tips seem worth a read Also see this link from High Times for all the details. Hint: tinctures are not hard for MMJ users to make.

What’s Next?

If you want to experiment with CBD Tinctures, we are promoting our CBD CocoOil and 3% Tincture with FREE samples (2 3ml bottles for only $5 S&H) THC-CBD%Tincture1aThis tincture is legal in 47/50 states with THC LT .05%

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