Champs Tradeshow May 25, 2016

I was lucky enough to go to the CHMAPS tradeshow in Atlantic City, New Jersey last week with and CannaProsCoop. What an event! The day started with a little confusion as to whether or not I’d be able to get in but after some phone calls and an email I was granted entry!

Lucky for me, I had a friend who was more than willing to drive me down for the event! It is too long of a drive for me to do by myself and it gave him an opportunity to see something different from what we’re used to here in the garden state. While I was there I was able to meet Mike from and we got a chance to talk about a few ideas before we got separated in the hustle and bustle of the busy convention center.

People Power

The people varied so much in age and appearance. You had men and women is business attire, you had people in jeans, even a few in their pajamas or less. I saw men and women young and old all eager to find something neat, whether it be for their store, grow, personal collection or dispensary, there was something for everyone! I saw: 053116_1816_ChampsTrade2.jpg

  • talented glass blowers,
  • glass, paper, clothing,
  • novelty items

I could go on and on. From the practical daily pieces to the trippy heady pieces there was so much to look at, but more importantly, there was so much to learn.

It was great to be in a fairly hands on environment, where you could actually test out products or at least see how they’re used. You can say the taboo words that get you kicked out of smoke shops without a second thought, you’re amongst friends. Everyone asks as you walk from booth the booth if you’re having a good show, and they take the time to actually talk to you. It’s unlike any other sales event I’ve ever been to. These people are different, they are kinder and more laid back. Everyone is just happy to be alive, or at least that was the case with every person I met! Happy to be alive, or making a difference or whatever, even the ones I spoke to who had sad back stories were upbeat and positive.

Cannabis Biz

Canna Biz Cards

Canna Biz Cards

CBG Samples

CBG Samples

There were businesses from all over the country. I got the opportunity to speak with representatives from several neat companies that I’m hoping to test products for. Companies like Monkey-O’s, Kannastor, Cloudpen, Easy Butter, Mary’s Naturals and Vape World, just to name a few. I received samples from Higher State Creations, Greens Roads, RESINATE, Legal Lean, Essential CBD, Boveda and Primitive wraps. Keep your eyes peeled for reviews on these items as I try them! I’m so excited to let you know what I think!


Summing Up

Overall, I am glad I went to this event. Even though my whole body hurt the next day, it was worth the trip! I networked with awesome people, heard amazing and heartwarming stories and got to see some great things I don’t see in the ATC’s and shops in my area. It was cool to watch glass get blown and artists work their magic. My only regret is there wasn’t enough time to see everything or to go back to some of the companies that wanted to meet again. If I didn’t live so far away from Atlantic City, I would have gone all three days, I think it really would have been worth it. I can’t wait to go to the next one!