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CBD the new Gateway Drug?

Not quite, prohibitionists!

CBD1_thumb.jpg10 months ago I began studying the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and started taking regular CBD supplements. I am very sure of my next assertion. CBD is indeed a gateway, but it’s not a (psychoactive) drug and the gateway it opens is a true gateway to wellness. In prior related posts (see below) I have noted changes for the better in a number of internal systems with the net result of better feelings of balance, i.e. homeostasis throughout my body and mind.

During this research period I became very frustrated with issues with unreliable or flaky suppliers. Several on Amazon became “unavailable” after the 1st order or two. At the same time, I discovered new Israeli research  that supported the “entourage’ effect for CBD. Simply stated, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts defines the entourage effect which pharmacologists call  “synergistic effects”.

Sadly, my only local option became a very expensive GreenRoads.com isolate 350mg in 10ml for $50 plus tax or over .17/mg. In June a US based “Mfg” claimed to have high concentrated CBD (97% w terpenes) and we struck a deal for some chewables for S&H only as an introduction to the market. After a number of “on the way to produce calls” there was only silence and unreturned emails. Clearly, this fellow overpromised and failed to deliver. Beware of RouwdyBrands.net, not real supplier of quality products

Last month I went back to a prior supplier from Amazon, Gallopade-Hemp.com and made an offer to build them a much better WP based store using the standard WooCommerce plugins. In response we have made a deal so that our CannaProsCoop.US store will be Gallopade’s front end offering sales to US 29 other countries including Europe, Japan, and Australia. 

What’s my angle?

As the title suggests, CBD is a gateway, but not to other drugs, to wellness instead. The most needy population segment for CBD supplementation is boomers like me. We have multiple chronic conditions like hypertension and arthritis, to name only a few, that CBD aids without side effects or any feeling of being “high” or “lifted”. Anyone who is eligible for AARP (age 55) with the beginnings of the usual issues, should consider experimenting with a good quality CBD supplement. My goal is to bring such a supplement to the online Cannabis and MMJ segments @ an affordable price. Compared to the .17/mg price for the GreenRoads isolate the Gallopade products average less than .05/mg and the full plant extract works well on 1/2 my prior doses due to the entourage effect.

 Research Assignment

A twitter friend @aedmondsauthor recently commented that few folks due their own research these days. So, I challenge y’all to visit Amazon and search for CBO oil, from hemp not hemp seed. Google it also. If you can find any full plant hemp based CBD for less than .10/mg then add them to your list. If not, swing by https://CannaProsCoop.us  and read some of the customer testimonials from Gallopade. Your next move after that can change the trajectory of your aging processes

  • Suggestions:
    • For arthritis, muscle or skin issues, check the CBD/Propolis salve. 

      Sativa/CBD/Propolis Salve

      Sativa/CBD/Propolis Salve

    • 550mgCBD Oil

      CBD Oil in Olive oil


      CBD E-Lquid for vapping

      For most internal issues check the CBD oil

    • For vaping check the CBD E-Liquid.