CBD supplements for our Terrhuahua Daizee

Last January while watching the Green Flower Media Cannabis health summit I learned how Cannabis effects our pets ECS. Aside from differences in size, their CB1 and CB2 receptors remain more active for longer periods after administration. Those “cute” photos of stoned dogs and cats who have eaten edibles by mistake are actually of pet ODs.

Our Simple Solution

My partner @NurseBev has a very sweet and cute Terrjuajua named Daizee. daizee1-1

I’ve adopted her but noticed that she was very anxious when Bev was out of sight. So we started letting her in to our closed smoke room when we got lifted. Daizee got a little 2nd hand smoke which seemed to relax her a bit. Once we noticed this effect we exhaled a few puffs in her direction resulting in her taking short “dog naps” during our sheesh sessions. Her appetite also improved.

In July we began to test full plant extract CBD supplements adding a little honey to the various tinctures and oil formulations. One day I touched Daizee’s nose with a spoon that had a little leftover CBD w honey on it. To my surprise, she began to lick her nose and then the spoon with enthusiasm.

After a few weeks, Daizee learned that when I brought out the oral syringe we use to keep the CBD in honey mixture in to @NurseBev for our nightly CBD doses, hers is on the way. She attends first to the syringe and then to the spoon even if she is half asleep on the futon.



To my surprise a micro dose of 2-3 mg most days along with some 2nd hand Cannabis smoke has improved Daizee’s wellness in a number or area such as:

Daizee on the move!

Daizee on the move!

  • Less separation anxiety when she is alone in the car or at some
  • Better social experiences with other dogs and people
  • Improved appetite and digestion
  • Increased energy level during exercise
  • Noticeable improvement in coat growth and texture
  • Less separation anxiety when she is alone in the car or at some 


  • In spite of the slightly medicinal taste of the CBD even with the honey, Daizee happily takes her dose when offered.
  • Her reduced anxiety cuts across many situations making her happier in general.
  • Significant improvements in Daizee’s general wellness suggest that some pets may suffer from ECS deficiencies which micro doses of Cannabis and CBDs can easily remedy.

We have seen CBD supplements for dogs and cats designed to be added to their food. @NurseBev is now working on a new product, CBD jerky for dogs. Stay tuned, folks. We are just getting warmed up!

After CBD micro dose

After CBD micro dose

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