Cannabis as an opioid alternative

By @Tomunderwood9

As Tom clearly explains CBD helps with his form of “idiopathic” eye pain. Idiopathic pain is not well understood, meaning they don’t know its cause. The good news is that CBD oil works for him and it’s legal to possess and use for wellness. Read Tom’s own words and hear his truth!

For anyone in pain meds and is looking for an alternative medicine I highly recommend CBD. I was born with a rare eye disease and suffer migraines and have eye strain and have chronic pain issues. I was a bit skeptical of CBD at first until four and a half month ago when I was given a 600mill bottle of CBD I took 3-5 drops in the morning and 3-5 at night I noticed a change in my pain levels I was able to do more then I normally do without suffering excruciating pain the next day . It was amazing not waking up the next day in pain and being able to function and not being laid up in pain and having to take pills. 

 Its very well known that opiates are highly highly addictive and you build a tolerance to them as well. With tolerance eventually you need a higher dosage to help and doctors are hesitant to prescribe opiates today do to the opiate crisis in America. I would recommend that anyone who is going to pain management to ask your doctor about the benefits of CBD or research it for yourself .

 If you have nausea, anxiety, seizures, diabetes to name a few of many other ailments it can help. THC works great as well but the psychoactive effects may leave you tired an groggy. CBD won’t do that anything under .3% THC is legal in all 50 states. You can find CBD at smoke shops, natural medicine stores, and many other places as long as it is under .3% THC you can have it mailed to you. It is perfectly legal!

 I hope I can help one person stay off pills which are so dangerously​ addictive.  I know no all to well about opioid abuse. I have family and friends who battled addiction who started on opiates. I experienced what they went through first hand when I had a problem with my insurance covering my prescriptions . I felt deathly ill; was sweating; was hot cold/ hot cold, nauseous, and vomiting for 3 days eventually ended up in the hospital.

I was going through withdrawal from not having pain meds, go figure. CBD is non habit forming. When I ran out, I was in a bit more pain but I had no symptoms of withdrawals at all! It is not something I want to experience again it’s hell!

 I look forward to the day are government legalizes all forms of Cannabis it has far more Pro’s then Con’s I never heard of anyone going through withdrawals from not having THC or CBD, honestly I haven’t . Big Pharmaceutical​ companies are joining together to help fight to get CBD & MMJ taken away they no the benefits it has that’s why there making synthetics . They want you on their drugs not your drugs and they have no interest in finding cures. The money is in the medicine that they control the price of and can higher or lower the price as they see fit. It should be your right to have access to natural medicine many people have fought begging the scenes for years just so we can have access to CBD which is way different then THC.

 You can drink a whole bottle of CBD. You’re not going to get high. It’s non psychoactive and yet they don’t want you having it . But now it’s legal in all 50 states please if this helps you or any of your loved ones family or friends if you have extra time fight for the write for people to have access the natural medicine .

Thanks for taking the time to read this. @Tomunderwood9