2019 CBD Deeper Dive

Effects of 2018 Hemp Bill

  1. CBD derived from hemp with less than .3% THC is no longer a controlled substance.
  2. As a result CBD market has exploded nationwide.
  3. Some states like TX have largely given up prosecuting possession of less than 4 oz. due to cost of testing for % THC.
  4. One can buy CBD flower in AL (personal report from @Americana)
  5. FDA has decided to push regulations through quickly, likely in the fall.
  6. The food, beverage, and supplement markets await the new rules.
  7. Meanwhile, the safest bet seems to be on cosmetic products which are neither additives in food or nutritional supplements

Why are these important and what are the implications?

Looking at the state by state results we also see variations with CBD food restricted in MA but just made legal in Ohio. Many online retailers are now able to ship across state lines further opening up the market. Still as law and regulations are messy in our democracy, there is a lot of variation. So, check local regulations and stay with hemp CBD as much as possible.

Given the market expansion, there is no practical way government (FDA) can come after suppliers unless they make “unfounded medical” claims. Hint: We say that CBD increases homeostasis throughout the body leading to more wellness in many cases. Since CBD reduces anxiety and therefore the stress that helps cause many chronic conditions via inflammation, we are confident that used correctly CBD promotes overall wellness.

                                        ECS Overview

In a recent article on CBD research, the author noted that most controlled studies used CBD isolate. Since CBD isolate has a bell curve dose response, the dosing window is small. Thus, information derived from these isolate studies will not apply well to full spectrum CBD products which have good efficacy at a wide range of doses.

Our anecdotal research with full spectrum CBD products has shown very positive results across a wide variety of conditions.

We continue to get good reports from clients for:

What about the CBD craze in food and beverages?

With no entourage, (Isolate) CBD enhanced products will likely top out quickly so use with care. NY and other states have limited CBD in food and beverages..

Making your own CBD medicine

CBD molecule structure

Extraction issues

  • CO2 is a safe method compared to BHO but requires commercial equipment.
  • Any other solvent like butane risks contamination with residue.
  • If one has CBD flower, (Hemp or MJ) making CBD alcohol tinctures is a safe alternative to further concentration.