Lacey’s MMJ Story

Lacey is one of my Buds on Massroots. Please read her story all the way through before skipping to my thoughts about her issues and how Cannabis appears to be the answer for her. 



My name is Lacey,… Continue reading

@Jensativebud’s MMJ Story

The following narrative is by one of my Massroots “buds” Jen. Its important to note that while virtually ALL pharmaceuticals are both

  • Toxic to the body often @ 10x prescribed dose
  • Have side effects that reduce quality of life such… Continue reading

Ditching Stoner Shame

During the recent Cannabis Health Summit by GreenFlowerMedia, there was an interesting side topic that came up outside of the formal presentations. Max Simon, CEO of Green Flower Media, spoke rather briefly about Stoner Shame. Say What? I’m… Continue reading

CBD Primer

CBD molecule structure

CBD molecule structure

Over last weekend I attended the Cannabis Online Health Summit presented by Green Flower Media. a number of the presenters discussed the role of the Endocannabinoid system, an internal system that helps maintain internal balance. The… Continue reading